Being the eldest child my mother taught me that i needed to be the strong woman with the fighting spirit and shameless independence. But i always turned out to be the vulnerable one who could fall down without fear of the scoffers. Yes I fight hard, I speak loud, I walk even when there’s no end in sight. But my strength is not unending and I am not indestructible.

I created this blog as a means to break the silence about  the misconception that being strong and smart meant that you always have to feel and act strong and smart. That you shouldn’t let people see your greatest weaknesses or else they might question your strength. In reality we are probably more terrified that if we acknowledged those weaknesses to ourselves it would disapprove what we believed about ourselves- that we are strong. I hope to be that friend that encourages you through what you may see as your hardest obstacles…Take my hand and we’ll make it i promise!